When to call a drain clearance expert

Using Drain Rods? When to Call an Expert! If you are experiencing problems with water backing up, often accompanied by a foul smelling odour you need to take rapid action. Prevention is better than cure and having drains and sewers inspected and cleaned on a regular...

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Patio Cleaning & Driveway Cleaning

Patio Cleaning & Driveway Cleaning Patios and driveways are expensive to have laid and can very soon look unsightly or even start to deteriorate if nature is left to its own devices. In addition to our drain cleaning services All-Clear Drainage Ltd specialise in patio...

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Blocked Toilet

From time to time very nearly everyone will be faced with the problem of a blocked toilet, it is a very common though often rather unpleasant matter to be dealt with, so if you are unhappy about it you should leave it to an expert. However, if you are quite happy to...

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Blocked Drains

How do you know if your drain is blocked? If your drain is blocked you will usually know because your waste will back-up when you flush the toilet, or the gullies outside will begin to overflow. There will also probably be an unpleasant smell around the drains and/or...

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Blocked sinks

Blocked sink? Water not running away normally? What can you do before calling an expert? Novice First, try using a plunger to clear the blockage, you may have to block the overflow to prevent any pressure from simply escaping there. If this doesn’t work, it may mean...

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Avoid the cowboys!

You have a blocked drain, you have used a proprietory drain unblocker without success so it's time to call someone in, but who can you trust? Unless you have experience in these matters, it is all too easy to fall victim to unscrupulous traders. These are the people...

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Manhole Covers

It is not always easy to remove a manhole cover from over drainage inspection chambers because the cast iron covers are very heavy and if they have not been removed for years there will be rust and soil around the edges. Many domestic manhole covers tend to be oblong...

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Using Drain Rods

When drains run underground, they usually run in straight lines between inspection chambers (manholes), gullies and stacks. Inspection chambers are found wherever pipework joins and wherever the direction or depth of the drain changes. Drain rod sets are an essential...

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Blocked drains?

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