Using Drain Rods? When to Call an Expert!

If you are experiencing problems with water backing up, often accompanied by a foul smelling odour you need to take rapid action. Prevention is better than cure and having drains and sewers inspected and cleaned on a regular basis is an essential part of good property maintenance regime.

Special attention should be given to the placement of trees or large shrubs close to drains, as roots will tend to seek out water and enter them via small cracks within joints.

Be wary of using drain rods, as trying to rod pipework yourself with a set of ‘DIY shop drain rods’, can easily compound the problem, especially if rods decouple within the soil drain as they are being fed in or drawn back. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty trying to locate and unclog a blockage and don’t want to risk creating an even bigger issue it is advisable to call in an expert.

Regular drainage inspections and cleaning will prevent damaging root growth and potential unhygienic blockages which are costly to fix. Blocked drains are often caused by cooking fat, oil and grease that can cling onto tree roots and rough surfaces in our pipes, leaves from gutters, and soil and dirt in gullies which can also cause potential blockages and damage within our drainage system.